When You Have a Lot to Say

I’ve accepted that right now, I have a lot to say. For many years I’ve said nothing much. Of course, I added my two cents in here and there, when called upon. Sometimes, I added it when I was not called upon and later regretted it. Speaking opinions or sharing stories that were often misunderstood.

I used to feel very upset when I was misunderstood. I fought hard to reword things and try to fit my thoughts into the right pitch and prose. I find myself not caring so much anymore. I’m not careless with my words. I am consciously thinking about what I say most of the time. I consider other people and how they may receive my messages. I have observed, in general people come at you from a position of themselves at the centre of the universe. What I mean by that is that in general, people take what you are saying to be about them. We are all full of ego.

Sometimes (most times) when someone has something to share, its not at all about the receiver of the information, its about the deliverer.


“Just for a while, stop looking behind you. This is going to be really difficult but you have to try with everything you have got, to stop looking behind you. 

And there will come a day, you beautiful, brave soul, when you will tell someone the truth about you, your whole tale, and not a half truth that you have had to give the world. You know the one. The story you made up for the world to hear because it was too weak to handle what had really happened to you. But one day, you will tell your truth and it will no longer bring tears to your eyes for your recovery has begun. Instead, you will tell it with the kind of strength that will bring tears to other people’s eyes.

So please, stop looking behind you, my darling. You aren’t going in that direction, you are going the opposite way.”

~ Nakita Gill

There is loss in half truths. And that loss is you. 


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