Rejection: what it really is!


It feels like hell. That moment when it is obvious that you are not accepted for all that you are presenting yourself to be. The moment that you are rejected. It doesn’t matter if the rejection is from your friends, work, your parents or a lover. The feeling is the same “you don’t belong here”. For the mere human, who’s souls purpose is to find love and belonging, its a hard pill to swallow. Any effort you were making fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. You feel defeated, broken, unloved and unappreciated. It really is hell on earth. 

Whilst you are working through it, there is nothing anyone can say to sooth you. Rejection stings. Its like you are alien. But, once the sting passes, you pick yourself off the floor and realise that the lack of belonging in this moment is forcing you to see something more profound. Misalignment. The truth of rejection is this: Misalignment. Whether it is you out of balance with yourself, or you are not really aligning with that which you were trying to be a part of (and got rejected from), the gift in this situation is always a course redirection. 

Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny. ~unknown

It only takes a moment to think back on the last time you were rejected. What actions did you take afterwards? Did you keep barking up the same tree and pleading your case? Maybe for a time, and maybe you kept getting rejected? Or maybe you made a change? Shifted your course of action to either assimilate into a more acceptable part of the group to find your belonging, or move and grow your self into alignment with this or another “belonging”. Whichever way you swayed, you were redirected. 

Lets dispel the notion that rejection is a bad thing. Yes, it hurts. Every way you look at it there is uncomfortable feelings. That is change. But in its essence, rejection is a catalyst for growth, redirection and a new path.. whichever way that leads is each person’s choice. 

Look at rejection as a beacon, lighting your way on you path. Its a gift. A crossroad and a blessing. Take it as you will. x 



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